How to Make a Seller Accept your Offer

Well there are really no full proof solutions on how you can convince a seller to accept your offer, but in this article we aim to provide you with useful tips that may help you convince a seller.

First off, be direct and don’t beat around the bush, let them know you have the money and is willing to pay for the right price. The seller is selling the house for one reason, he has money problems and he thinks your money can solve his problems.

selling a house

Talk it out with the seller, make him realize that pricing the home rationally and reasonably will be an advantage to both you. Talk about terms and conditions, it will help solve his problems and his sleepless nights thinking about his home and battered financial status and at the same time it will help you to finally settle in the house you want.

But what if the If the seller says that he is still considering other offer which might be higher than what you are offering, some would even invent “buyers” to let you make a higher offer. Just let them know that as much as you wanted to wait and you want to respect their decision to wait for other offers, you also have to move on and you are also considering other homes to make an offer to; in this case you are putting a pressure on the seller and who knows he might just give in to your offer.

You don’t have to be too pushy, respect the seller’s decision and he might find it insulting if you demand that he say yes right away to your offer. Otherwise seller might not think you are not a serious buyer or might get angry and reject your offer right away.

But if it won’t work, don’t be too emotional and don’t go into a breakdown. Nobody’s going to buy it. What you can do is let them know what you think and what you want. You can also be honest and just say you really like the house at a price you can afford, but don’t oversell. Hey, it’s not the end of the world; there are other houses in the market.

Lastly, play hard to get and pretend you just don’t care. Give your offer on the house then don’t bother and don’t be too anxious to know if you got the house or not. Sometimes not being too eager has its rewards.

Well, as the saying goes there are a thousand ways to kill a cat, and there really is no one-solution to this issue, it would still be up to your approach and the mood of the seller. Good luck.